August 30, 2007

The Greatest Story Ever Told About The MPWF

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This sports feature is possibly the coolest feature ever. Eric from the CBS affiliate in Fargo did one heck of a job.. CHECK OUT THE CHOPPER ENTRANCE!!!
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August 28, 2007

NBC Fargo affiliate interviews the champ

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Watch Steve-O Gratin tell it like it is after his championship match against the Afrodisiac in Barnesville. FYI:The newscast has an incorrect spelling of his name. It’s not “Au” Gratin. Dis. Honest mistake.
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August 27, 2007

Barnesville Potato Days was a blast!

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Everyone from the Mashed Potato Wrestling Federation of the Universe, Actually would like to give shout outs to Elaine the organizer, Mark the PA guy, Hugh the ref, Eric Hanson from the CBS Fargo affiliate, the NBC news gang, the Barnesville Fire Dept who cleans us off with their hose, the chopper guys and all the kids. More pics and commentary soon. Hopefully I’ll have a rough edit in a week or two.
The champ flies in on a chopper!! Out of control!
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August 23, 2007

Barnesville Event Info

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This Friday in Barnesville, Minnesota.
5:30 pm at the Assumption Church field
The Mashed Potato Wrestling Federation will be performing in the biggest pit in the U.S. A. at Barnesville’s Potato Day Festival.Tentative Fight Card: Undercard: (tag team)The Yukon Golden Boy and The Nisswa Ninja Vs.Rowdy Roddy Potato Head and Sweet Potato(female!)
Main Event:  Steve-O Gratin Vs. The Afrodisiac for the belt.

August 22, 2007

Barnesville is gonna rock!!

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Friday is gonna be big. 10 people from MPLS are making the trip up to Barnesville to rock the pit. Too excited to write right now and having a meeting with the Nisswa Ninja. More Tomorrow

–O Gratin

August 15, 2007

Rough edit-Mashed Potato Wrestling-Clark 2007 footage

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This is just the isolated rough edit that also appears in Minnie Indie #8
-Steve-O Gratin

August 14, 2007

Clark Mashed Potato Wrestling Pictures and Video

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There are pics under the Clark 2007 link now. We’ll be updating that with more content soon.
Jordan made this FAN VIDEO BELOW from the Clark action. In it, we see the Afrodisiac, The Nisswa Ninja, Rowdy Roddy Potato Head, and Steve-O Gratin getting down and dirty.
Steve-O Gratin defended his title once again.

Other Clark wrestling footage can be found in this Minnie Indie video below. WARNING: It does contain adult language. Minnie Indie is a weekly comedy video series based around music events in the Twin Cities. More Minnie Indie videos can be found here:

Above: Steve-O Gratin gets ready to rumble.
A better edit of Clark only footage to come in the future after the Mashed Potato Wrestling Federation of the Universe hits Barnesville this August 24th.

August 4, 2007

Back from Clark South Dakota Potato Day Event!!!

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Whoo. We just rolled into town (Minneapolis) from Clark, SD. We barely made the 11:15 A.M. mashed potato wrestling event in Dickinson Park this morning which was a blast. I blame my cell phone alarm not going off but then again it could have been the 30,000 beers we had the night before at Sportsman’s Bar and I just forgot to set it. Anyways, we got there on time–hangovers and all. There were six of us on the trip and we did our best passing cameras to each other to capture the action. Some samples will be up soon. I want to thank Dennis at the Hi Way Motel for letting us come back to the motel to shower after check out time. Thanks Man!! You saved us from a stinky 5 hour van ride home. Also, I’d like to thank Beth for arranging our appearance and talking us up on the radio in Watertown the other day. Shout outs also go out to Clark County Courier for there nice article that I’ll post Monday or so.  Everyone was real friendly and we really enjoyed meeting interesting characters like John at Sportsman’s Bar who apparently was the first real wrestling state champ out of Clark back in the day. Man, they grow them big there. He wrestled at one of the first mashed potato events ever and his commentary on the naked chick poster in the men’s bathroom is priceless. We also met a dude who flew into the pit area via chopper 2 years ago when ESPN covered the eveent. Awesome. Thanks to all the hot girls at the bar who told us to splash the kids around the pit (good call) and the fire dept. for hosing us off at the end. Jordan, we can’t wait to see your vid on Youtube. Oh yeah, I beat Rowdy Roddy Potato Head in a rematch of last year’s Barnesville event to hold onto my self proclaimed title and the Nisswa Ninja defeated The Afrodisiac on the undercard. Pics soon.

-Steve-O Gratin

August 3, 2007

Mashed Potato Wrestling in Clark SD this Sat. Aug 4

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Whoo. The MPWF will be in Clark SD (population 1300) for their Potato Day Festival. 6 of us are staying at the Hi-Way Motel, so if you see us training in the parking lot, come say hi.
Here’s a picture from Clark’s Potato Day website.
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We’re real excited about the bleacher seating. The pit must be on a baseball field or something. We’ll find out and let you know.
Our own pictures to follow after the weekend.
Also, we could use another videographer. Email or show up at the pit area around 10:30 AM and look for the folks hanging out with a guy with a giant afro. I guess the matches start at 11:15 or so at Dickinson Park. Boxing is the opening event. Is that in potatoes too???