July 18, 2007

Minnesota Monthly

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Tim Gihring of Minnesota Monthly Magazine wrote this nice little blurb in the August issue.
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It’s also here:


There will also be a interview segment on KARE 11’s WHATEVER show sometime in the next few weeks. WHATEVER airs at 10am on Saturdays in the Twin Cities.

July 13, 2007

On CNN HEADLINE NEWS show called “News to Me”

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A producer emailed me from CNN/TBS and asked if we would be interested in doing an interview. Duh. Like totally.
Here is a link about the show itself and host Eric Lanford

Behind the scenes:
Basically, I made a fake press conference backdrop out of foamecore and a podium with a micro-potato microphone. We conducted the interview by phone and we were to film ourselves using a cell phone’s earbuds so we would be talking hands free. We sent in the tape and then CNN made it look “via satellite”
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Potato Days: Barnesville, Minnesota 2006

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This is the video that started it all. Me, myself and I (Steve Barone) went around to several Minnesota festivals last summer and made some videos for Explore Minnesota Tourism’s new user generated subsite called My Favorite Minnesota. This one is from Potato Days in Barnesville where my alter ego Steve-O Gratin became the Mashed Potato Wrestling Champion of the Universe.

Other entertaining Minnesota festival videos on the My Favorite Minnesota site can be seen here

Below is a My Favorite Minnesota press release about the site and the video/webisode

Mashed Potato Wrestler in Minnesota Tourism’s corner.

St. Paul, Minnesota — Fishing, biking, shopping, golfing, okay, but mashed potato wrestling? Normally, wrestling in a pit of mashed potatoes isn’t the normal way to promote tourism, but Minnesota has successfully pulled it off—or peeled it off in this case.

Mashed Potato Wrestler, Steve-O Gratin (aka Minnesota resident Steve Barone) was recently crowned Mashed Potato Wrestling Champion of the Universe and a hilarious web video about it is generating buzz both on-line and off, and attracting travelers to the state tourism website: www.exploreminnesota.com. It’s featured on a sub-site called My Favorite Minnesota, where people can get the inside scoop from Minnesotans who upload their own content about their favorite places to go and things to do in Minnesota.

Barone’s list, “Steve’s 12 favorite places in Minnesota for a festival Junkie” features a dozen festivals that take place across Minnesota, including of course, Potato Days, held annually in rural Barnesville Minnesota. In the “webisode” we are introduced to Barone, clad in a circa 1970s red singlet and the masked Rowdy Roddy Potato Head, his opponent who dons a low budget superman style outfit. The match begins and there is an audio overlay from a P.A. announcer as the wrestlers fight to move around in the 10’x20’ pit of mashed potatoes. Soon, both wrestlers are completely covered in the starchy goodness. The music crescendos into an anthem as Barone pins his opponent and greets about 20 cheering kids with the messiest high-fives the world has ever seen. Barone then holds up his homemade title belt over his head and declares to the camera that he is “champion of the world baby, champion of the world…champion of the universe, actually” The video concludes as he is rinsed off with a fire hose by a local fireman on the scene.

Steve’s list of festivals is one of many lists of Minnesotans’ favorite places to go and things to do in Minnesota, providing photos, video and commentary. Other content on the My Favorite Minnesota site include Olympic luger Tony Benshoof’s favorite places for adventure and thrills, a motorcycle gang’s favorite scenic byways and “Liam’s 12 favorite places in Minnesota to take his parents.” Fishing, a tried and true tourist draw for Minnesota, is included as 10 bait shop owners across the state team up to reveal their 10 favorite fishing holes in Minnesota.

Check out the mashed potato wrestlers with big heads on this MN Tourism Poster for
My Favorite Minnesota
(L-R) Steve-O Gratin, Rowdy Roddy Potato Head
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